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How we work with Startups

SuperSeed is not your typical financial investor. We are hands-on, and we support you in all the key aspects of building your startup.

SuperSeed – a very hands-on model

SuperSeed is not your typical financial investor. We are hands-on, and we support you in all the key aspects of building your startup such as:

  • refine your product strategy, roadmap and pricing;
  • build your sales and marketing teams;
  • identifying appropriate target market segments;
  • prospect actual customers, and;
  • sell and close business for portfolio companies.

Yes – when you are in the SuperSeed Accelerator, our sales team sells alongside you. We help you bring in the sales $ that take your ambitious startup from being a great idea with some cool technology to being an real business making an impact with real customers.

Why are we doing this

>90% of B2B startups perish as they work to launch and commercialise their technology. This is historically how things have been, but we don’t think it needs to be this way. SuperSeed is founded by experienced entrepreneurs, and we love to build and grow great software companies. We have walked in your shoes and know how challenging it is to build a successful company. We’d like our experience to benefit other founders as they take on the challenge of solving a big and meaningful problem as they work to build a great company.

Because the truth is that building a successful business is hard. Really hard. It takes a ton of effort and sacrifice, and also a bit of luck. Part of the luck is to be at the right place at the right time, so you can meet people that will help you succeed. And no matter how smart you are, and no matter how hard you work, success is never guaranteed. But we hope that, with SuperSeed on your side, you can tip the odds of success just a little bit more in your favour.

How are we helping entrepreneurs

We want you to succeed in realising your ambitious mission for your business (and hopefully make a life-changing amount of money in the process). We see founders as the heroes of the story, and we are here to help you – plain and simple. By helping you get faster to your next milestone in a more capital efficient way, you and your business will be positioned to meet your long-term strategic objectives, and importantly to keep raising the right amount of capital at the optimum valuation. This, in our view, is the best way for us to help you move quickly towards your ultimate ambition.

A challenging and rewarding partner

We are going to help you. And we are going to challenge you. We are going to tell you things you may not want to hear. And when things don’t work out, we will help you identify the root cause, and then we will be 100% focused on helping you resolve them. When you work in the fast-paced world of startups, you don’t have time for finger-pointing or for playing the blame game. You’ll want to make sure that your partners think the same way. Every ounce of energy must be spent solving the right problems. And that is exactly how we like to focus our energy.

At times this might feel a little bit tough. We will be holding up a mirror to your business, and point out things you don’t want to see or that you’d rather forget. This is not for everyone. But trust us, it is for your own good and for the best of the startup. And more likely than not, once the problems are all out in the open (amongst friends, in a safe and supportive environment), we can put all our collective brainpower towards solving them. It is a challenging but powerful proposition, and we think of it as a secret weapon that can help give you an edge as you build your startup.

Importantly, we are going to invest time up front to make sure we really understand you business. That’s how we can best help. So you will see us dive deep on strategy. You’ll feel us explore the intricacies of your technology. Trust us – it will all help us create more value together in the long term.

In closing

I wrote earlier that building a successful business is challenging, and that it takes a healthy dose of luck (in addition to smarts and hard work). When you are in need of luck, it is great to have trusted partners by your side who can help tip the scales in your favour. At SuperSeed we see it as our job to root for ambitious founders and act as your secret weapon to help tip the scales.

Good luck.

Now let’s start building!