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The Pitch Deck

At SuperSeed, it is our mission to help ambitious founders built great software companies, by working closely with them to create repeatable, scalable and profitable ways to sell their software and thereby reach the first £1m in revenue.

One of the most rewarding activities at SuperSeed is that we get to meet a lot of extremely smart and talented entrepreneurs. It is very inspiring, and one of the most enjoyable aspects of what we do.

When you send us your deck, it’s helpful if you’ve covered off the basics. The bullets below will help. 

Company purpose (your mission & vision)

  • What problem are you in this world to solve?
  • Why would the world miss you if you were to disappear?
  • If all goes well, what will you have built five years from now?


  • Who is your target customer?
  • What problem / pain is your customer experiencing?
  • How is this addressed today?
  • What are the limitations of the current solutions?


  • How do you solve your customers problem?
  • Why is this unique and better than what has come before?
  • Where are you going to take this as you build out your business?


  • It is sometimes said that in the startup world, getting the timing wrong is the same as getting the business wrong.
  • Why has no one already done what you are doing?
  • What is changing in the world right now that’s making this the perfect time for your business?

The market

  • Who are your customers? (what types of firms? What size)?
  • How many of those are there in the UK? In Europe? In the world?
  • How would revenue could you theoretically get from each customer with your current solution? If the revenue stream is made up of multiple components (e.g. subscription and advertising), how does it break down?


  • How do your potential customers do their business today without relying on your technology?
  • Who are some of the existing and new software / tech businesses that are looking to complete with you? (both directly and indirectly)
  • What is your plan to beat the competition?
  • What proprietary technology or data do you have that set you apart?
  • Do you have networked effects (i.e. the more users / customers you have, the more valuable your technology is for other customers)?

Financials / Business KPIs

Please share as much as you can about the financials of your business. This is important, so I have created a whole separate post just to cover this.


  • Which customers have you already signed up?
  • How much money have they paid you?
  • What’s in your pipeline that you think you will sign in the next 1–3 months?


  • How did you meet (what’s your story)?
  • What is going to make you successful as a team?
  • At the early stages, there are often still skill and experience gaps in teams. Where are you potentially thinking of strengthening your team?

“The Plan”


  • What is your big 1–3 year strategic objective?
  • What is the next milestone on the way to getting there?
  • What are the challenges to hitting that milestone?
  • How are you planning on overcoming the challenges?


What are the expected costs to hit your next milestone? A good way to model that is to look at your current monthly burn, calculate how much extra you think you need to spend monthly to hit the next milestone, assess how much time you think it will take to get there. Things always take longer than expected, so consider putting in some contingency.

An example

The good folks over at Kima Ventures have put together a handy template which you can find here